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The Yangon Circle Lain Train, Myanmar

Many of the worlds big cities have an expansive metro system and a so-called ‘Circle or Loop Line’ with a variety of stations or stops that circumference the inner or outer metro areas. Moscow, London, Paris, Berlin and Beijing are all … Continue reading

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Iban bejalai body art, Borneo

Borneo is the third largest island in the world and divided among three countries: Brunei, Malaysia and Indonesia. The natives of Borneo consist of different tribes where each has its own language and culture, but all tribes share something in … Continue reading

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“Come to Myanmar, but don´t steal. The government doesn’t like competition”. – Moustache Brothers comedy team of Myanmar, performing in their small garage in Mandalay.

I just came back from my trip to Myanmar (also known as “Burma”) – home to a totalitarian military dictatorship. As a tourist, I was careful to minimise any money going to the government and was warmly welcomed by the … Continue reading

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Aki Ra, Cambodia: from a boy soldier to a United Nations landmine clearer

The aim of writing the story of Aki Ra is to highlight the horror of the landmines which are still prevalent in Cambodia, one of the things that impacted me most during my trip to this country, besides its sad … Continue reading

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Nomadic life in Mongolia

During my trip to Mongolia, I was able to get an insight into the way of life of the Mongolian nomadic families, whose kindness and generosity seem at odds with the harshness of the unforgiving landscape. Of Mongolia’s population (2,6 … Continue reading

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