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My photography book

I am happy to announce that my first photography book is finally available and I hope you will enjoy the images: Photography Christina Feldt by Christina Feldt | Eigenes Buch erstellen

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The Yangon Circle Lain Train, Myanmar

Many of the worlds big cities have an expansive metro system and a so-called ‘Circle or Loop Line’ with a variety of stations or stops that circumference the inner or outer metro areas. Moscow, London, Paris, Berlin and Beijing are all … Continue reading

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The salt workers of the Danakil depression, Ethiopia

We are in one of the cruelest and hottest inhabited places on Earth, not far from the Eritrean border: the Danakil depression in Ethiopia. One hundred meters below sea level, the dry moonscape is so surreal that it doesn’t seem … Continue reading

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The story of Medina: “The scars in my face reflect my tough childhood. Being an Afar woman is not always easy.”

“It’s better to die than live without killing.” – Afar proverb I am in the oddest place I have ever been to in my travels. Lying 100m below sea level, the Danakil Depression – where, sadly, four tourists were killed … Continue reading

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Bull jumping ceremony, Hamer tribe, South Ethiopia

During my stay in the Omo Valley, South Ethiopia, I was able to witness the traditional bull jumping ceremony of the Hamer tribe (one of the many tribes in that area). The event is a rite of passage for men … Continue reading

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The Mentawaian tribe (Siberut Island, Sumatra, Indonesia)

The Mentawaian tribe lives on a very distant corner of the globe: Siberut Island. Siberut is a 12-hour night boat ride away from Sumatra, Indonesia’s biggest island, and forms part of the Mentawai archipelago. Surfing is a big business in … Continue reading

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Iban bejalai body art, Borneo

Borneo is the third largest island in the world and divided among three countries: Brunei, Malaysia and Indonesia. The natives of Borneo consist of different tribes where each has its own language and culture, but all tribes share something in … Continue reading

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“Come to Myanmar, but don´t steal. The government doesn’t like competition”. – Moustache Brothers comedy team of Myanmar, performing in their small garage in Mandalay.

I just came back from my trip to Myanmar (also known as “Burma”) – home to a totalitarian military dictatorship. As a tourist, I was careful to minimise any money going to the government and was warmly welcomed by the … Continue reading

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“My dream is to see the ocean one day…and to read and write. I want to be able to read my cellphone messages.” – Mai, a 31-year-old Hmong woman from Sapa area

I never imagined that my last days in Vietnam would turn out to be so interesting and intense. Not expecting too much after traveling through a way too touristy country, at least to me, I arrived in Sapa, northwest Vietnam, … Continue reading

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Interview Christina

Here you can read a small interview with me about photography done by Nestlé: Christina Feldt_interview (Sorry, it´s in Spanish)

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